Thursday, May 29, 2008

Seeking Parental Advice

Bethelle is taking swimming lessons.  Sort of.

I do my part: pay, drive, dress her, shower her, walk her to the pool, watch.

She does not do her part.  She sits on the edge, acting like she's scared of the water, until it's free time when the class goes to the part of the pool where there's a slide and they can just splash and have fun.  She's suddenly fearless.

This is not fear of the water.  This is manipulation.  I am perfectly willing to quit swimming lessons, but I don't think she will learn the lesson.  She wants to skip the work and just have fun.  I have a few other thoughts (no conclusions) on what to do, but I want to know what my readers think.  


Melanie Love said...

I didn't sign up for the next session after Bryce did that. I figured it wasn't worth my time to take him if all he was going to do was sit on the edge of the pool and scream and cry for mama. Plus it's really embarassing at his age when he's the only kid in his class that does it. Maybe daddy will try this summer.

Elise said...

That's hilarious! What a smart girl. I don't have any good advice, but I know what my mom would say: "No work, no play." But I'm interested in what some of your ideas are!

Angela Benson said...

I put Lindsay in swim lessons and she loved free time and got upset when they had to do the "work". The only difference is, I was in the pool with Lindsay b/c of her age so I made her do the work, but it was more work for me then her! I haven't taken her back. Once they see that fun slide, that's all their minds are set on.