Thursday, May 1, 2008

Toddler Math

Yesterday, Bethelle played a simple computer game that counts her points as she scores goals.  At 10 points, you win the game.  Bethelle was up to 8 points and said, "Look Mom, I just need two more and I can win!"  That's subtraction.  She may not know that she was doing it, but I was so proud.

Rigby is scheduled for eye surgery at the end of the month.  I am apprehensive, but grateful for a cure to his crossed-eyes.  The dr says that his inner eye muscles (both eyes) are too tight, so they will detach them from the eye and attach them farther back.

Rigby is also learning a bit about crawling.  He's no expert, but the little man can get around.  He now sits up fairly well and is eating baby food.  Just don't give him blueberries.  What a funny thing to be picky about.

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Elise said...

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Way to go Bethelle!