Saturday, May 10, 2008

We're the big 5. Both of us. At the same time.

Nick and I celebrated our fifth anniversary yesterday.  Not only do we have the same anniversary (no shock there), we seemed to have everything else in common that evening.

We had a nice dinner at The Ram on Ruston Way (let me just take a moment to gripe that because of this street, no locals ever spell my last name correctly).  Nick and I chose, independently, the same item from the menu for dinner.  This was followed by a last minute scramble for a second choice, as we like to sample each other's meals anyway.

Dinner was followed by some shopping and ice cream from Baskin Robbins, where we were again beset with the problem of having chosen the same ice cream - two scoops in a cup: york and fudge brownie.

Next was the movie rental selection.  Enchanted.  This was Nick's choice and would have been mine except I would not have subjected him to it.

It seems that in only five years we have managed to become old married foagies.

How in the world do you spell foagies anyway?


mindy said...

mike and christina also had their 5 year on friday! i had forgotten that you all were married on the same day. well happy anniversary, as well as mothers' day!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary. Sounds like a fun date night. :) (happy mothers day)

The Sorenson Family said...

not to mention you totally look like twins ;)
Happy anniversary!!! 5 is abig year! Congrats!
- Sara xx

Jess said...

Elke! Congrats on the big anniversary! And what fun to see your blog. I love the description on your profile and seeing your goal to master tap dancing. I remember your cool head and your tap dancing class! Miss you. :o) Maybe I'll move to Seattle some day... it's kind of a dream of mine...

Melinda Jones said...

Now that you mention it, it is really hard to tell you two apart. You are lucky that you are both attractive people.