Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Extra Better and Super Perfect

Bethelle says "actually" a lot.  I wondered where a 3 year-old picked up the use of this word, until I listened to myself speak.  Her cousin, at nearly the same age, would say, "mmm... tasty."  Her mother wondered where that came from.  We assured her that it came from her, the mother.

As my friends, I'm asking those of you who read this if I really say, "extra better" and/or "super perfect".  Where does she come up with these?  I know "oops-a-daisy" came from her grandma, but I'm hoping against hope that I am not the cause of the title of this blog.


The Sorenson Family said...

So cute! I'm sure you say those things all the time:) I think kids just like to make up their own creations with language, it's the little linguist in her. That or she picks these things up from other kids. According to my 3-year old, we're going on a vocation to Nutah last night (Meaning, we're goin on a vacation to Utah next week)!

Elke Rushton said...

Bethelle says "last night" all the time! Anything that happened in the past was last night. She doesn't really communicate future stuff. Bethelle went on beecation to Las Begas last night.

Melinda Jones said...

"Extra better and super perfect"? That is surprising coming from your child...I would have expected words like "redshift" and "radioactive material"...oh well.