Thursday, May 22, 2008

Midnight with my man... Indy

Last night, or should I say, this morning... Nick, his parents, his brothers, and I went on a Mayan expedition with none other than the famous archaeologist, Indiana Jones. We tucked the kids in bed at Grandpa Jackson's and went to the 12:01 show.

You are probably thinking that we are crazy for taking on such skulduggery, but there we were, until the wee hours of the morning. The movie was good, great, but not excellent. When you decide a show is worth seeing at such a crazy hour, you really set yourself up for disappointment if it's not the greatest thing since Casablanca.  

Nick was so excited all day. He had butterflies at noon just thinking about it. He asked me which of his 2 movie T-shirts he should wear. We settled on the black Star Wars shirt. He was looking good. Needless to say, he had high expectations. He hoped it would be the best of the series.

Unfortunately, he was a bit disappointed. This movie was far different from the first three (according to his expertise). Had someone told him it was a funnier/sillier/sci-fi-ier Indy flick, he would have appreciated it better. Overall, I recommend it. Enjoy the ride, but go at 9pm.

We were all home and tucked in bed by a healthy 4:30am. The kids woke up at their usual 7:30. It is now 9pm. What am I doing at the computer?

{Excuse quality - picture was taken with camera phone}


Melinda Jones said...

Thanks for the heads up.

Anonymous said...

That movie is pretty good! I went and saw it with my family when i went down to Oregon and yeah. We got two kittens down in Oregon and believe it or not my siblings named one of them indie ;) Haha!