Monday, May 19, 2008

It's Rigby Time

I feel like most of my posts are about Bethelle. Rigby has recently begun to distinguish himself in the family. I think I'll just relate a little about him.

He is only 7 months, but I feel like he's well on his way to performing back hand springs. He is so strong and physical. He cannot yet get himself from laying to sitting, but he crawls up to a stool, coffee table, or anything else he can find, reaches up to it over his head, and does pull-ups, grunting all the way, trying to stand. If the table is at just the right height, he does stand, dragging his feet behind him. He will NOT hold still for diaper changes without deception on my part. On his changing table, he rolls over, gets in push-up position, and puts one foot high up in the air. Try this pose yourself. Holding it is a decent work-out. Changing and wiping a baby in this position is even harder.

Rigby likes to get into things. I cannot ever recall Bethelle trying to wiggle out of my arms because she was interested in something that she saw. That girl always wanted to be held. If I put her down, she would cry until I picked her back up. She never really played with toys much except in my lap. Rigby grunts all around the house doing his pull-ups, push-ups, and crunches. He plays with toys and flips through magazines. He does want to be put down often to make his investigations. This is a relief and a pleasure to me.

He says "da da" and I even think he knows of whom he is speaking. He also recognizes a few signs, all food related. The little guy has a huge mouth. We picked up on this even in the hospital when he was born. I think you can see it in a few of the pictures I posted last week. He generally keeps it open. It makes for the greatest smile!

He's a great baby. I can't really think of the last time he cried. He is generally good even for strangers.

Above all, my little man loves his mommy. Seeing me for the first time in a while, he makes this face like all his hopes and dreams have suddenly come true. I love it.


Melinda Jones said...

Love the Rigby update. Don't you love little boys? Anyway, what was the name of the website that you can download books for free? You told me when you were visiting me last spring, but the name has left me. Thanks.

Elke Rushton said... (it's listed to the right of my blog in "lovable webpages) I also just finished Lady Susan.

Melinda Jones said...

Thanks a lot. Happy listening!