Monday, July 21, 2008

Rigby's Bag of Tricks

They get smart young, don't they?

Rigby has, for quite a while now, had a little habit of cocking his head to the side and resting it on whatever is near - a couch, his highchair, your shoulder - for just a moment or two.  About two weeks ago, Nick taught him to do this on command.  We say, "Rigby, loves!  Do loves, Rigby! Loves!"  He then lays his head down and smiles.  He is proud of himself and gets a lot of praise for this.

Today he learned to really use his new talent.  When he gets in trouble (for heading toward the stairs, biting, or pulling Bethelle's hair), I say, "No, no, Rigs."  He looks up at me and drops his head onto my shoulder for some "loves" and praise.  It is so funny.  And clever.

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