Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Our Feeble Attempt

I'm finally trying my hand at a garden.  I have kept it small in an attempt to keep it successful.  I hope to find that I enjoy this and can learn to do it better each year.
Bethelle and I spent several hours in it today.  I had been behind in planting; I only had three rows sown until now.  It's more enticing to be outside now that the weather has finally turned.
I am planting cucumber, pea pods, sugar snap peas, green beans, lettuce, and PURPLE carrots.  Cool.  Bethelle has a small section of a collection of wildflowers.  When we chose the seeds for our garden, she kept picking out packets with pictures of pretty flowers on the front.  She loves flowers.  I found this mix and told her that it was for children.  She lit up like a candle and said, "I can do it all by myself?!"  That was it.  She was sold.  I would have had her plant them somewhere else, but I didn't want to prepare any more ground.
Here are a few thriving pea pod plants.  This may not excite my readers, but it excites me.  I'm so anxious to see if I can turn dirt and seeds into anything useful.
Bethelle found some dried out flowers from an old bouquet that I was getting rid of and planted them in the garden.  I thought it was an adorable idea.  I hope she'll be alright when she sees what the sprinklers do to them!


Ashley and Nate said...

I hope Rigby's surgery goes well and is successful! In the recovery room there was a little girl about 2 years old who was screaming and crying as she was coming out of anesthesia. The nurse said that happens sometimes and everybody wakes up differently. I really hope its a smooth process for you and Rigby. Its so hard to watch your little baby go through anything like that. Good luck.

The Sorenson Family said...

Good work on the garden, Elke!!! You ARE super talented, aren't you:) I hope everything grows to be lovely and crunchy and delicious. Good luck with Rigby's surgery!
- Sara xx

Robin said...

I don't get gardening. Instead of a green thumb, I have the thumb of death. I've tried! But you and Bethelle are an inspiration. Maybe I'll try the dried flower idea.