Thursday, July 10, 2008

Rushton Reunion 2008 - The Last Round-up

Rushton Reunion was at Fort Flager, a state park on the north-east corner of Washington's peninsula.  It was so beautiful.  On arriving, the first order of business was nursing.  I set up with this as my view:
Bethelle dancing.  Try to imagine the twirl.
Just too cute.
Bethelle took this picture.  Pretty good, huh?!
Walking, er, strolling down to the beach.  Check out how Rigby looks straight at the camera!
Accumulating a collection of rocks.
Eating a collection of rocks.  They taste like salt!
Nick with his brother, Casey.  He lives in AZ but has spent the summer in Gig Harbor.  We will miss him!
{Doesn't Casey look like Mark Wahlberg?}

The reunion was so much fun.  Other than Rigby's lack of sleep, everything was perfect: the weather, the food, the beautiful views, the scenic drive, the company, and Nick even cleaned house in a round of Texas Hold 'Em.

I should also report that Rigby had a post-op eye appointment.  The doctor said that everything looks perfect!  We are so thankful for this blessing.  One surgery is more than enough for a little guy (and his momma).  There was originally a 20% chance of needing a second surgery, so we are relieved!


Joel, Mandy, Ella & Kayla said...

I am so glad I found another blogger! Family reunions are the greatest! We ae still planning on building on our 3 acres in Olalla, being in your ward.

Stephanie said...

I was so sad that we missed it. . . it looked like it was so fun though.

The Sorenson Family said...

It looks so beautiful there!!! Man, why didn't my parents stay there after I was born? We could have grown up in the same stake or something! :)
Your children look beautiful - so glad that little Rigby is doing well!!!
- Sara xx

JAM & Girls said...

I have a question, where did you get your family professional pictures done at? The B/W profile picture is great of you guys and we are looking to get some done in August. You can e-mail me at

Janna said...
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Janna said...

Oh if you want to go to my blog it's

Janna said...

I had to delete my other comment because I didn't check for typos, which I hate. Anyway, here is the short version. You are fabulous, thank you for taking motherhood seriously. Your daughter and son are darling; I am glad the hospital experience worked out well, it's a sad and scary time for all. Nick is wonderful, probably one of the greatest dads in the world. And I almost started bawling when I saw Casey, he is so wonderful. I watched those boys grow up and I love them so much. Please tell them for me.

Janna said...

I wrote a blog about Nick and Casey if they want to read it. Love you boys.

Mary said...

Hey Nick & Elke!
So sorry we missed you at reunion. We were only able to attend on Sunday causing us to miss alot of people. Tyra showed me your blog. A great way to stay in touch! It's so hard for our children to have surgery but it looks like everything went well for little Rigby. I work for Ophthamologists so I understand that surgery and the great outcome it provides. You have a beautiful family and it will be fun to keep in touch on this blog network.