Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I Hav a Lus Twoth

Well, if she wasn't old already, she sure is now.

Bethelle has a loose tooth. I found a paper just now with the above title written on it. On the reverse was a rendition of the route the bus will take to school. Apparently, it will drive through the "forist" then past the park, and finally arrive at school.

The school hosted an open house today. I'm concerned that she won't learn anything. There are a lot of toys in that room. And the curriculum consists of learning shapes and letter sounds. But not all of the letter sounds. Certainly no consonant blends (per the teacher's syllabus). And shapes? Shapes?

What am I doing? I'm so confused. Is this really the correct place for her? If she can write, "I hav a lus twoth," what is she going to do in that class? I am doubting myself.


Meagan Kemp said...

Have faith sweet Elke. Either she's supposed to be there or they're going to move her up a grade. I guess the two of you will find out together. But I'm with you. Shapes? Really? Cash even knows his shapes and he's not even 2!

Elise said...

Here's my reasoning. Grace isn't learning anything academic. They're still having her trace her name at the top of every homework page. Then she comes home and writes her own books. BUT. She loves it. And developmentally, I don't think she's ready for first grade. And I know from experience that it's not a blast being the youngest in your class. Especially in the early years I felt socially behind.

Now. If you're thinking of homeschooling, that's different. I think about that every day. But at this point, there's no reason for me to worry. She comes home and we do other things, reading, math, and she continues to love school. As long as shes reading effortlessly by yhe end of the year, im happy. I do think I may pull her out after this year though. Certainly before middle school.

But then, I know you. And I know you already have something figured out. :)

Garth said...

Elke, Welcome to the world of public education, where the motto is "Never go faster than the slowest wagon". She may learn something of value there, but that home schooling and public schooling are not mutually exclusive. Keep teaching her at home and she will be the teacher for her friends at school.
Love, Dad and Mom

Dana said...

Well, I guess I can say that there are advantages to my child not being so advanced :) It's sad to say that I purposely haven't really worked with him because of this very issue. I know he will fall somewhere in the middle or even on the high side. Our school has times where teachers work with those that are more advanced, as well as those that can't keep up in the classroom. Most likely she will love it, even if it doesn't totally challenge her. Remember last year in preschool, she wansn't really challenged, but she had a great time and got to work on her leadership and social skills! Hang in there! and keep us posted!!

Amanda said...

Shapes? And I thought William's class was...paced. I was less than thrilled to learn that his assigned teacher is a first year teacher from UVU (formerly UVSC), but slightly reassured when I found out the teacher under whom she had done her student teaching.

But then my dear Kreg pointed something vital out to me. For William, the point of Kindergarten is not to learn academically, but to learn to love the concept of education, even if it is repetition for him. He will have a crush on his teacher and fawn on her every word. He will "know everything" and be proud of that, rather than shy about it. And that is why he is there. I may end up pulling him down the line if this continues, but he needs the social learning offered by Kindergarten, even if he doesn't need their version of academics.

Our Ohana said...

Give it a chance. Savanna was reading and writing like that before kindergarten too, and she absolutely loved school. She is a social creature, though! If, after a while, it is obvious that Bethelle is bored out of her mind and getting nothing from going, then you should follow your instincts and do what you think would be best for her. Just remember, it's kindergarten, and everyone is starting on a different level and coming from different circumstances. If the teacher is good, he/she should be able to give most of the children the kind of challenge they need as she gets to know them. I think the best thing you could do is to stay close to the teacher and make sure she knows what your hopes are for Bethelle's learning experience. In my experience, teachers seem to try harder with students when they know the parents and communicate with them often. I think they somehow feel like they are being held more responsible for those kids. It sounds unfair to the kids who's parents don't follow up, but I've seen it happen!