Monday, August 2, 2010

Staycation Ocean Shores

Next stop: Ocean Shores. It's just a couple hours in a direction that we never go.

We always do a little of this on any vay-cay (or stay-cay).
Nick and Josh with skim boards. Josh was actually pretty good. Nick and Casey started to get the hang of it, but then they were all called back into the fold for some parent-duty.
You can drive right on the beach here! Just stay where it's a little wet.
Don't be fooled if you think the pictures make it look cold and windy. It was actually very, very cold and windy.

Curie was really happy and had a ball in the sand. She didn't seem to notice the cold.
And where has Bethelle been in all these pictures? In the car with a fever. At least we didn't have to worry about her keeping warm.
She did eventually venture out to play with Joee in the dunes.
We kept a big fire going on the beach. It helped a lot and we got to roast some ashy hotdogs. Who needs a microwave?
Here's the whole group of adventurers! We all agreed that we'd like to do this again someday... in about 20 years!
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JM Inc. said...

This is why I don't like Ocean Shores; it is totally against my religion to wear a sweatshirt at the beach in the daytime. In the winter...okay, in the evening...okay, August in the daytime...not okay. Glad you had fun anyway. Hope bepelle gets better soon ): Staycations are nice sometimes though. They take less out of you than vacations do!