Monday, August 2, 2010

Staycation Seattle Center

Have you ever been to this?
It's right by this.
We went, and it was awesome! The fountains all spray and stop in fun inpredictablilty (apparently not a word, but suits my use). The kids ran and screamed and had a ball. Some of the adults did too.
And just past the Key Arena there is a great kiddie pool or two.

Does everyone think their kids are as cute as I think mine are? I lose sleep just thinking about them.
Bethelle and her assigned best friend and cousin (see previous post), Joee. Don't they remind you of Tinkerbell?
Nick. Show-off.
Yeah. Show-off. I wouldn't post this picture if they weren't egging me to take it. They know I have a blog!
Taking the monorail into downtown.
And our new favorite pizza place, MOD Pizza in Seattle. If you come from out of town, I will take you here. It was sooo good!

(I hope you have time on your hands, because I have made about seven-thousand posts today.)

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