Sunday, January 29, 2012

Best Pregnancy Ever

... for me.  So, that's not saying much.

Nick bought me some beautiful flowers when I hit the half-way point in this 40 week endeavor.  Look how the lily tried to open.  That's a lily, right?

Nick has been the greatest husband ever through this battle, and I really think that his efforts have made the difference.  For both of us, it has taken all of these pregnancies to learn how best to handle my various and extremes of symptoms, but I think that the very worst symptom of all, for me, is the mental hardship of not being able to act like myself.  My family culture is one of hard work and accomplishment.  Sitting on the couch doing nothing for months begins to erode my notion of who I am.  This is not good.

Through all this, Nick has never made me feel like I am letting anyone down, by word or deed or careless, disappointed facial expression.  Instead, he has found genuine ways to tell me how great I am and how much he loves and appreciates me.  He not only tried to pick up my slack when he got home from work, he continues to find over-the-top ways to do little things for me.  Things that I could have actually done for myself.  His eagerness to serve me helps me feel so much better about needing him to do the dishes and all the other boring things that I was not able to do.

Nick has always been a naturally great husband, but even from there he has stepped it up through my struggles.  When you add focused effort to natural talent, you get one fantastic man.  Thank you, Nick.  I love you!

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