Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Little Goodbye

Almost since our most recent move, Bethelle and Rigby have been attending gym classes at our local children's gym.  It's been perfect.  I love the skills they learn, the playing that they do, the fun that they have...

And I love that it is located so very close to Costco, the store where I spend pretty much all our money.  I can drop Rigby off at gym class, which is during Bethelle's school day, and go have a nice hour of Mommy/Curie time at Costco.

Devastatingly, our beloved gym just closed its doors.  No more weekly forward-rolls or golf-prep or assisted back-flips.  And no more single-child Costco trips.

Here are some pictures of the last classes we attended.  Breaking up is hard to do.
 Curie is not officially a student, but she was allowed in with me on the last day of class.  I know she's not really doing anything in this picture, but look at that perfect face!

 If they gave out awards at the gym, Rigby would have received "Most Likely to Actually Be a Monkey."  The little man weighs next to nothing, so he can/does pull himself up all over everything.
 Curie on the (low) balance beam.  Not bad for two.
 Building bridges.
 Look at that grace!
 An attempted cartwheel on a balance beam.  Pretty cool trick, even if she would have fallen hard without those supports on each side.

 All lined up for stamps at the end of class.  The very end of class.  Sniff, sniff.

** According to Blogger, this is my 365th post.  That's like one post per day for a year.  I wrote my first post on January 4th, 2008, so this blog is just over four years old.  Now, I only minored in math, so kiss me if I'm wrong, but that means I average one post every four days.  That's more than I would have thought, but I'm in a maternity slump right now, so it's nice to know.  It helps me remember that I am actually a blogger.

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