Friday, January 13, 2012

Four out of Four

Man, I'm good at this stuff!

Yesterday was the big ultrasound appointment.  We are having a boy!

Before Bethelle ever even showed up, my plan was to have four kids: girl, boy, girl, boy.  Some girls just have all the luck.  How is it that I have gotten what I wanted every time?

Nick and I did the math.  We figured there was a 6.25% chance of getting the preferred gender four times in a row.  Yes, I'm still a geek.

Let the planning and organizing begin!


Lo-train said...

I have to comment on how JEALOUS I am right now.... That's awesome. I am about to give birth to my third girl. But we love them of course.

Jess said...

Ha ha! Love it. You have skills.

Ashley C said...


Dana said...

Consider yourself so lucky!! I am so blessed to have 4 boys, and wouldn't change any of them, but man I wish I could've had a girl too!! Congratulations!!

H+B Jackson said...

A-MA-ZA-ZING! You are awesome! So excited for you all!