Sunday, January 15, 2012

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

The holidays themselves finally came and went.  Christmas is my favorite time of year, but it really did wear me out this year.  Since last Christmas (yet another low-key event around our house), I have been determined that 2011 would be the year that Christmas returned.  It's hard for me to turn back once I have committed myself to something.  Not even pregnancy will stop me, though maybe it should.

Here is the house, decked out with Nick's hard work.  There he goes again, turning my dreams and ideas into reality.  That little patch of light that's out in the top left was a fluke, just for the picture.  Thanks, lights.
On my side of the family, Christmas Eve is the big event.  Nick says this is unselfish of my mother, but that's just the way life has always been for us.  Growing up, we went to Grandma's house on Christmas Eve.  That grandma of mine could really cook.  Christmas Eve will never be the same without her, but we still try.

This year, the event was at our home.  All the local cousins came.  They played and the adults ate.  I guess the excitement of Christmas got the better of the children's appetites.  Major props to my dad for coming over hours early to make the turkey, complete with stuffing and gravy.  Hosting is much easier that way.

Here are all the kids, ready for a brief Christmas story and game before presents are passed out.
 And here is the chaos, in all its glory.
 Our house survived the event.  We had never had so many people in our home and were pleased that we fit in fairly well.

Christmas morning.  The greatest day in any kid's life, and the longest night in any parent's life.  At least my kids have not figured out how to wake up at five am yet.  But we did have to do Christmas, eat, and get everyone bathed and dressed in their Christmas best for 11 am church.
 The present highlights were Curie's play kitchen,
 Rigby's array of Star Wars spaceships and characters,
 and Bethelle's longed-for sewing machine.

 Church services were sweet and simple.  And well attended.  In our area, I saw notices in the paper and on signs outside churches that church would be on Saturday that weekend instead of on Christmas Sunday, due to the fact that very few people were planning to attend on Christmas morning.   I am glad that they found a way to get people to church, but I don't understand going all year and then skipping on Christmas so that you can forget Jesus and open presents.  Just my little rant.  Sorry.

We spent the afternoon and evening at Nick's parents' home with all the siblings, cousins, and Aunt Violet and her family.  It's so nice to see them and celebrate together.
 Patsy's home always so beautiful at Christmas.  She has an eye and a talent for detail.
 More Star Wars for Rigby.  He was easy to please this year.
 This picture could be from any year, if it weren't for the kids growing.
 Dinner was again fabulous and over too soon.  At least I had a fridge full of leftovers from the previous night.  That may be the best part of hosting.

Santa himself made a surprise appearance with a bag full of presents.  No one seemed to mind that his mustache was hooked over his nose.  Not even Bethelle.  All the kids enjoyed the gifts, but I think Rigby's was the coolest: a husky in a can.  Go Dawgs!

Phew!  That's it!  Jammies on, drive home, and Christmas was officially over.  I told Nick that I felt like I had run a marathon and I could not catch my breath.  And the next morning was not any better.  I needed a vacation!  Stay tuned for the next post...

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Paul Rushton said...

So cute Elke! I knew something looked a little odd about Santa's beard but just couldn't quite get it until you mentioned it. Had a good laugh! Thanks for sharing! Patsy