Monday, January 2, 2012


We spent Thanksgiving exclusively with Nick's family this year, as my parents were visiting my brother in Phoenix.  Everyone was there, including Casey who also lives in Phoenix and Kyle who is off to college in Idaho.  Having everyone in the same room is a rare treat.

Here are the cook and the sous-cook.  I was asked to bring the veggie tray and drinks.  I think they must know that I am pregnant.
I had been looking forward to Thanksgiving all through the roughness of my morning sickness.  The meal did not disappoint, and I was feeling almost well.  Certainly well enough to appreciate the dinner.
Here's the whole spread...
 ... and the little ones who had to be far enough from the white carpet, but close enough to be seen by those of us who were trusted to sit over the carpet.
 And the kiddie table.
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  Only a few months late, but I am catching up!

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