Sunday, January 29, 2012

Christmas Photo Shoot

Nothing formal about the pictures.  I just wanted to document how cute and festive we are together.
 Can you tell how special they are just from the picture?
 Look closely at the girls' dresses.  I bought them in San Francisco at the Jessica McClintock factory outlet.  It's one of the rare actual factory outlets - attached to the the factory itself.  Anyway, these two dresses were junior sized and I tried them on myself, thinking they'd be pretty hip with jeans, before realizing that I would never be able to zip them up, even though they are size 7 and 12.  So Curie got the 7 and Bethelle's is the 12.  Weird.  True, I did have to take out about three inches around each of them, but they were the perfect length.

 Rigby looked so dapper.  I wasn't sure how he would take to the bow tie...
 ... but he seemed to enjoy it.
I eat her regularly.  If you're a mother, you understand.


Tyra said...

you guys are SUCH a beautiful family and I LOVE your christmas outfits:) Hope you are hanging in there til the little one arrives~

Our Ohana said...

Wow, seriously about those dresses, Elke?! Good job! They look awesome! And that bow tie...I could never say no to a little boy in a bow tie. It's equivalent to a little girl with ringlets.. which you also have. Wow, your kids would get spoiled if I ever got to babysit!