Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Getting Ready for Christmas

It's a bit ironic that I am blogging our Christmas prep on the same day that I am taking the last of the Christmas boxes back to the garage for storage.  But c'est la vie these days.

I've been hanging onto about 20 boxes of these Christmas lights since I got them for 90% off at an after-Christmas sale three years ago.  Nice to put them to use, finally.
 Rigby was an excellent helper, except that he couldn't keep from walking on the strung out lights on the ground.
 Curie couldn't avoid them, either.  Apparently, that is asking too much of a two year-old.
 Everybody took a stab at putting the star on top of the tree, but no matter how high Nick held them, they could not quite get it to that top branch.  Somewhere between short arms and fear of reaching very far from Daddy, they all gave up.
 And so the job fell to the man with the longest arms and the bravest heart in the family.  Good to have you on the team, Nick.
 Everyone was able to put up several dozen ornaments, so no hearts were permanently injured over the tree-topping matter.
 Decorating a tree may seem a bit mundane to some of you, but here's a bit of perspective.  For the previous two Christmases, we have been living in a frenzied state of storage and persistent moving, to the point that we did not decorate for Christmas!  A travesty, I know.  This means that the last time we had a full-blown tree with all the trimmings, Bethelle was only 3 and Rigby was barely 1.  Bethelle has listed decorating the tree as her favorite part of Christmas.  For us, there was nothing mundane about it.
 This is Curie's "twinkle little star."  It did not last long on the tree, as she wanted it with her at all times.  She slept with it most nights this season.
 These shots were taken at our church Christmas party.  Santa had a line of elastic across his forehead.  Bethelle was not pleased about this attempted deceit.  I was surprised to see that we got one picture of her where her expression does not look like distain.
 Rigby was too nervous to get closer than three feet away from him.  He even tried to fake that he was sick just before the party in order to avoid this moment.  But Curie loved him.  As instructed, she told him that she wanted a kitchen for Christmas.  Everything was wonderful, until we began to walk away from Santa and she still did not have a kitchen!  She had understood that he would give her one if she was a good girl!  Where was it?!  After more explaining, I don't think that she fully understood how the system worked, but she seemed to understand that time might still bring the gift.
 Bethelle performed the "Nativity Song" with other children from the primary.  They each had a solo line and a picture to hold up.  Bethelle sang about the stable.  It was a short part, but her voice was clear and strong and we were so proud of her.
Nick and I also performed the Barenaked Ladies' (strange band name, I know) version of 'God Rest Ye, Merry Gentlemen' with one other man in the ward.  I think it went well, though I joined the group about five minutes before the performance and can't really say.

All this was only the beginning of the greatest season of the year, which left me completely wiped out!

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