Tuesday, June 3, 2008

This one's for you, Meagan!

One of my former roommates just found out she's having a boy!  This post is in response to her request for a list of my favorite baby products.  I think that many of you who read this are also young mothers or grandmothers, so enjoy...

Baby Bjorn - Gotta have it.  I have two.  You don't need two.  Why do I have two?
They're a little pricey, but we got one of ours on Craiglist for just $30.

Munchkin fresh food feeders - These are like an extra pair of hands.  I can put a chunk of apple in these in 3 seconds flat and Rigby loves to suck on it.  It really buys me a lot of time and keeps him happy.
Highchair with a snap out, dishwasher safe tray - This one is not particularly attractive, but it shows the tray.
An exersaucer -  I didn't have one when Bethelle was a baby.  I have regrets.
The one-piece-and-you're-dressed romper - Babies do not have waists.  Pants and shirts do not stay in their proper place, hence the onesie.  The romper is the next step in the evolution of the onesie.  It stays on them just as intended, so the baby looks cute and together.  When Rigby wears regular pants, they end up off of him by the middle of the day.
Pack-n-play - So he can sleep at Grandma's and so he's safe when you find out the house is not as baby proof as you thought it was.
Avent binkies - Both of my kids have been pacifier snobs.  I tried many kinds, but they both will not take any other style of binkie.  On my next child, I will save time and money by skipping straight to Avent.
Joovy Caboose - You really don't need this until you have two kids, but if you get it with just one, you can use the extra space to carry shopping bags, 2x4's, whatever.  I love my stroller.  It has this great little sit-or-stand place in the back, perfect for Bethelle to get off and on as she likes.
Desitin - I haven't tried any other brand, but this stuff is like magic.  Oh!  I have tried the Target knock-off version.  Don't.  It is NOT like magic.  Be sure to have this before you need it.
Tums - Why?  This is also a diaper rash cure/preventer.  There is not much harder on a mom and baby than a bout of chronic diaper rash.  My dr told me about this cure.  It neutralizes the acidity of their... output...  Anyway, you crush half of a Tums and mix it with 2 ounces of either apricot or papaya nectar (not the juice stuff with the corn syrup in it - straight nectar).  They can have this up to 2 times per day.  It really fixes the problem.  Keep some nectar on hand; it can be hard to find in an emergency.
iPod - If you have one, you love one.


The Rushtons said...

I totally have to agree with you on the fresh food feeders. I had some for the babies and it was great! I was actually able to make dinner in peace! Their favorites were peaches but I even sneaked in some tomatoes. Have you ever tried "Butt Paste?" THAT'S the best. No kidding.

Melinda Jones said...

Love the post. Love the new blog look. Love the blogger. I need to buy Jackson an exersaucer, or whatever the heck that thing is!

The Sorenson Family said...

I totally look just like that model when I am carrying my baby around in a bjorn - designer clothes, make-up and all. In fact, I look way better:)

Melanie Love said...

Desitin is good, it's what my mom swore by and I just assumed I'd use it too. I bought some with my little one. However, my husbands parents bought us something called Penatan cream. It is amazing. My little boy didn't get rashes very often. You only have to apply a little and it stays on rather than coming off easily. The rash is gone by the next morning if applied at night (at least in our case).