Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Move One Space

Bethelle is very loving to Rigby lately.  I can occasionally get out of a baby-proof room for a minute or two while she entertains him.  We have a ladder set up in the family room right now (don't ask why - I'm not going there).  Today I heard Bethelle calling for me, "Mom, Rigby ate the ladder!"

Her stomach growled before dinner and she said, "My tummy sneezed!"

We try not to say words like shoot, darn, heck, etc. around Bethelle.  I just don't want to hear these words coming from such a cutie yet.  Her grandma recently took her shopping and got Candyland.  They played it together.  Grandma drew a "one square" card and said, "oh darn." Bethelle asked why she said that (this was a brand new word to her).  Grandma explained that she had wanted a two square card, but got a one square.  Bethelle drew next.  She saw it and said, "Look, I got a darn!"

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The Rushtons said...

I know what you mean about those words. It's so hard to change the way we speak isn't it? Last summer Brooklyn said, "It's freakin' hot outside!" Our jaws dropped!