Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Real Mother's Day

I know that the actual calendared event was several weeks ago, but I have the greatest husband!  Last night I was up late.  When I finally went to bed just after midnight, I crept slowly in the dark to my side of the bed.  Nick is very particular about sides.  It is important that he sleep on the right.  So, as I was silently slipping into the left side, I was very surprised to bump into Nick.  He had fallen asleep on my side so that it would be warm for me when I went to bed.  Isn't that great?  I am constantly cold!

This morning, Nick left for church meetings just as I was getting out of bed.  Every Sunday, because of Nick's meetings, I have to get the whole family ready for church myself.  We sometimes run a few minutes late, like today...  When I was approaching the car with my hands full of babies, diaper bag, scriptures, and lesson materials (I should've tried for 2 trips), I remembered that neither of the car seats were in the van.  Errr!  In the happy ending, I got to the car and saw that Nick had installed both of them on his way out.

For Mother's Day, Nick got me this clock for my kitchen.  I had wanted it, and I was so excited.  I just love damask.  Isn't it pretty?!!  But the better mother's present is to know that he took a couple moments to help me and was thinking about me when I wasn't even around.


The Sorenson Family said...

what a wonderful post! You have a great guy there, and so it is what you deserve. Thanks for giving me something uplifting to read! Love you, Sara xx

Lorraine & Kelly said...

What a sweetheart!
I, too, just adore damask. Cora has a pink and brown damask bed set and it's too die for! How can you not love it?

Jess said...

I love it. The clock is beautiful!