Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Some recent pictures

Just a few cute pictures - Bethelle and her favorite doll, Aiee, in matching dresses.

Rigby playing at the mall.  Get a good look at the crossed eyes.  They'll be fixed next week!   Aargh!

Bethelle at the park... we finally had a nice day!

Rigby too!  He is such a climber and always seems fearless, but even though we have one at home, he is a little unsure of the swing.
She usually likes a "big girl" swing, but she wanted to be close to Rigby.  Does anything make a mom happier than to see her kids love each other?

Bethelle is so good to let me do her hair.  This creation involved watching a little "Sound of Music" - a recent favorite.


Elise said...

So is he going to hasve to have that surgery?

Such cute pics.

Jonathan, Mandy & the girls said...

I need to learn how to duplicate your creation...Kennedy would look like a scandinavian princess! Seriously though, I'm thinking way ahead, but we celebrate st. lucia (to honor or swedish heritage) and I want to do her hair like that for it. Next time you do it, will you take many pics from several angles and include step-by-step instructions for novices out there, like me? Am I asking too much here??

The Sorenson Family said...

wow, I can't even figure out how you did that hairdo, that is pretty amazing! You're an artist:) Savanna is asking me to do that to her hair now haha... care to send instructions?

Elke Rushton said...

I'll plan to post a blog with the instructions. That should be fun, but you'll have to wait until the next time I do it. Ooh, and it makes such cute waves when you take it out!