Monday, June 30, 2008

Anderson Island

I spent last weekend with my mom, dad, two neices (Haley and Ellana), and my two kids at a little cabin that my parents have on Anderson Island.
What a perfect weekend to be there!  The cabin is on a beautiful, peaceful lake.  Here are the girls enjoying the paddle boat.
The sun was pretty bright, but the lake was perfect.
You have to take a ferry to Anderson Island.  It's not far from home as the crow flies, but the ferry makes the whole place a quiet retreat.
There is another lake just through the woods in the above picture.  It has a great kiddie beach and you can have motor boats there.  It gets a little more action on a sunny weekend, but is great for the kids.  Below is Ellana in the pink life jacket, Haley in the yellow life jacket, Bethelle in the white with red cherries, Dad holding Rigby, and Mom (yes, she's in jeans in the lake; she forgot to pack a suit or shorts).
We had a great time, but we were ready to come home.  We had thought that three adults could handle four children, but they were so little (8mo, 2, 3, and 4).

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