Tuesday, June 17, 2008

If You Don't See Me This Week...

In the past week, dead bees have been collecting themselves on the floor in my laundry room.  If you read my post about the mountain beaver, you know that I do not deal with pest problems.  However, I am possessive about the laundry, so I don't think Nick knew about the bees until recently.  They've been accumulating so quickly, I've been afraid to go into that room.

Nick finally got in there today (he's probably wondering where his clothes are) to take care of them and to investigate.  He disposed of 22 fuzzy, little, fat bodies.  He pulled the dryer out and fixed a leak in the vent line and checked it from the outside, but we can't find the source of these hospice bees.

I am ready to go back in now, but I really hope that I do not find the source of the problem somewhere.  I hope it's just gone.

As the carnage has been building, so has the laundry.  I could be in there for quite a while.


The Sorenson Family said...

be brave, Elke! If anything happens to you, can I have Bethelle?

Brittany said...

Hi Nick! Hi Elke!
Fun to check out your blog! Your kiddos are beatiful! I absolutely LOVE Rigby's crossed eyes! I think that is too cute!!