Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Zone

Nick and I are officially in The Zone.  If you haven't heard of it, it's a diet (or lifestyle, as it's supposed to be) that's pretty much what you see in the picture above.  Basically, everytime you eat anything, you keep your proportions at 9 grams carbs: 7 grams protein: 3 grams fat.  You can then make it better by watching your glycemic indices, getting your carbs mostly from fruits and veggies, and some of your fat of the mono- or poly-unsaturated variety.

I really like learning about health, and this seems a great plan to me.  I think that we were designed by an intelligent creator to be best fitted for survival by living off the land in a natural way.  This seems to me the way that people on a farm would eat.  I do not believe that we were designed to thrive in a sea of fast food and minivan lives.  I enjoy my minivan, but I'd like to prolong my life and health by eating farm-style, with a few added benefits of world-wide shipping and variety.

Some of you know that when I was pregnant with Bethelle, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes.  In a nut shell, this is like type-2 diabetes, except that it only lasts for the last three months of pregnancy.  Those who have had this have a 50% chance of becoming diabetic later in life.  Knowing now that I am predisposed for this scary, life-altering disease, it is so important that I maintain not only a healthy weight, but healthy cells and organs.  Although we may not keep up with The Zone forever, we've done it in the past and always learn to incorporate some of its principles into the lifestyle that we do maintain.

I've lost almost five pounds now.  I'm really not too worried about loosing much more.  I've never weighed any less than this since I have been this height, but I guess I wouldn't mind, and it just feels good to know how healthfully we are eating.  And my meals are so pretty with all these fruits and veggies!

We still enjoy opportunities to cheat!  Food is for enjoyment as well as health!  Bon appetit!

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The Sorenson Family said...

As long as you mean what you say about the cheating part, I can fully support you in this lifestyle! Good on you, hot mama!
- Sara xx