Friday, August 20, 2010

Bouncing and Voting as a Family

Cousin Asher had a birthday party, complete with bounce house and a pinata.
Tuesday was election day. It seemed to have gone OK. Just primaries, mostly. I am committed to teaching liberty to my children, so we dressed up and made an occasion out of filling in the ballot and dropping it off. "I voted" stickers for everyone!
We went to Nick's work that afternoon to get him and play in Seattle. I can't get enough pictures of this cutie!And speaking of voting, the president was in town that very day. Campaigning. For the opposition. On my dime. But that's another story. A small plane flew through off-limits airspace around the president and two fighter jets were dispatched from Portland to intercept. The plane was harmless, of course, but I got to experience two sonic booms.

Finally, a picture of the sky just after Air Force One passed through it. An interesting conclusion to our day of discussing liberty, freedom, and the constitution.
Not much to the picture, I know, but it makes me think about... things.


JM Inc. said...

Good for you Elke! I took my troops to our primaries too, where voter turnout was abysmally low. What is wrong with the people in our country??! When will we wake up from our gluttonous coma to realize the dire consequences of fiscal and moral irresponsibility?? We need to live closer btw. I want to settle in Cali or Colorado...and you??

Meagan Kemp said...

Way to teach your children the greatness that America can allow. You're a great mom. I still tell people who Bethelle told us takes her Daddy's money. :)

Amanda said...

Amen sister!