Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Bug Bite

I am sick to my stomach typing this, but it must be said.

This morning when Curie woke up, she called for me as usual. I began making her bottle, as usual. Then she started screaming. Unusual.

I went into her room with the bottle. The light in her room had burned out the night before, so it was still a bit dark in her room. She was in my arms before I realized that her mouth was full of blood.

As I calmed her and held her, I got to a clean, wet washcloth to blot her mouth. She was screaming and choking and blood (shiver) was getting on our clothes and splattering on the floor. Mouths heal quickly, and hers was no exception. The bleeding subsided and she took her bottle.

As the morning went on, she was extra cuddly and occasionally weepy. She didn't eat much breakfast. She cried when she got tired. Also unusual for her. She never did let me have a good look at whatever cheek or lip had been hurt.

After the nap, she seemed 98% better, so I was not worried. I did see a little canker-looking spot on the inside of one cheek. I picked up Nick at the ferry, then dropped him and the big kids off at swimming lessons. I left them the car and Curie and I strollered home. That's when I saw it.

She looked up at me in the stroller with her mouth open. There was a line the length of her four teeth across her tongue. Are you sitting down? It was more than a line. It was a gash. A slot in her tongue. I could see the inside on her tongue. The slash is deep and terrible. I feel terrible.

I called the on-call doctor. She listened, then said that tongues are only sutured in the worst of cases. She thinks that this just needs time. The cut will heal (quickly) from the outside, in. She just needs a few days. I am to feed her soft, mushy foods without salt or vinegar - like you would feed yourself with a tongue injury. She will probably have a scar. I can deal with that.

I can't believe that my poor baby went through this. I am mortified that I didn't know the damage for 10 hours. My comfort is that she is behaving like she's happy and healthy, though she is not sticking out her tongue for anything. Her cries and babbles seem to be the same sounds she has always made.

My theory is that she was standing, holding onto her crib rail waiting for me, slipped, and hit her chin on the rail, tongue out. She was standing again when I got to her. There was no blood in the bed, so I know that I got there quickly. She and I are both in recovery.


Garth said...

Dad says that he remembers one of you kids having your tongue well bitten into on the side. I don't remember this at all, so he must have taken the child to the doctor. That is when he also learned that they don't stitch tongues. He says there was no scar left. Maybe because of Curie's age she won't have a scar. Have you been able to look under her tongue to see if it went through? We are sorry for Curie and for you to have this happen.
Love, Mom and Dad J.

christina said...

Doesn't sound like fun.

Hope she heals quickly!


James and Michelle said...

Oh ouch! It hurts so bad to bite your tongue! Curie is a trooper!

Meagan Kemp said...

Oh honey, I'm so sorry. And she's doing great so please don't beat yourself up about this. You are SUCH a GREAT mom! Here's to a quick recovery. Muwah!

JM Inc. said...


Brutal...for you, and Curie): I'm soo so sorry too. Macy has a little scar on the OUTSIDE of her chin, under her lower lip, where her upper teeth punctured the lip from the inside all the way out. Blood was spurting inside the mouth and outside and I couldn't figure that one out...so I feel your pain. Luckily, tongues are pretty much a function not form kind of an appendage. She can brag about it when she's older(: Let's talk tomorrow night; I will TRY my best to remember!

H+B Jackson said...

Lots of prayers for you guys!

Love the California Jacksons

Our Ohana said...

Poor baby! That's aweful! She's lucky to have such a good mummy who makes her feel better! We haven't had that one happen yet, but as you know we've had plenty of our own ER incidents, so I guess you never know with these tiny people! Hope she heals fast!!!