Friday, August 20, 2010


If this blog is my garden, it seems that my flowers are black and blue lately.

By the way, Curie is fine. The open slot in her tongue had closed by the next morning, but I babied her for a few days anyway... just when she thought baby food was behind her. Now her injury is just a line on her tongue and all was well.

Then Rigby rolled over in bed while sleeping at Grandma's house. He hit the corner of Uncle Kyle's desk with the bridge of his nose. It goose-egged almost instantly and has now settled into two beautiful black eyes.
I love that this picture captures how he most often looks. He's wearing a Lightning McQueen PJ shirt, a cape, and holding a shield that Bethelle patched up for him. You can bet that there is a foam sword in an elongated pocket in his jeans.


Meagan Kemp said...

Rigs looks so much like his dad. I love his typical 'uniform' - love it!

Our Ohana said...

poor guy! He wears it so bravely!!!