Saturday, August 21, 2010

Reasons to Go

Me: Bethelle, what am I going to do without you when you go to school?

Bethelle: Mooooooommm...

Me: Maybe you should just stay home. You don't really have to go to school yet. Don't you want to just stay with me? You can start school later.

Bethelle: But Mom! I want to learn and read.

Rigby interjects: Hev'ny Fadder (Heavenly Father) want her go to school!

How can you argue with that? Off she goes. Eleven days.


Ashley C said...

That is too cute!

christina said...

Oh no. You cannot argue with that.



Meagan Kemp said...

Alright, that's too cute. :)

H+B Jackson said...

See what happens when you teach them whats right... :-P

That is crazy! 11 days!

Charlotte still asks to see Bethelle/Rigby (she says it as one name) and baby Curie!