Monday, August 2, 2010

Staycation Children's Museum

Next in line for our staycation was a trip to the Seattle Center for lunch and the Children's Museum.
Why have I not been here before? This was so much fun for all the kids.

Trish and I have our children in pairs. This is Curie with her assigned best friend and cousin, Allie.
Rigby loved the stream and waterfall activities. Mom doesn't usually let me make messes inside...
And do you love his painting? I do! It's not just a sloppy mess, you know? Rigby likes order and straight lines, so this is exactly HIM! Anyone know where I can get a nice frame?
What a great place! Costumes?!
Rigby took the shopping very seriously. He made many healthy choices, and he picked up all the strawberries.
When they were done, I was their checker.
Next was a Mexican restaurant where we sat and ordered food from our 3-foot waiters and chefs.
And last, but not at all least, the couple who got this whole crazy mess going in the first place!

(Keep reading... lots of posts today!)

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