Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Soiled Book is Rarely Dusty

I would love to add the best children's books to our collection, but what are they?

I especially love books like The Carrot Seed, which is simply written, teaches a deeper lesson, but is still a cute story.

Do you have a favorite to read with your kids or grandkids? What is it?

(I have changed my comment format so that anyone can add a comment, with or without a google ID. Please tell me your favorite children's story!)

Added 8/10/10:

This has been an interesting web experiment. I posted this same query on facebook and got 10 responses, vs one on this blog. I get a lot of hits here, but I guess you've got to use facebook for that many responses. If you're curious, here is the list:

  • The Bugg books by Stephen Cosgrove. They are so fun and he is a northwest writer. We have read them to all of the little kids for years.
  • The "Serendiptiy Books" by Stephen Cosgrove. Link attached:

    I love "The Lambaroo" about a lamb adopted by kangaroos and how he wants to fit in and be like them, but then learns to accept himself
  • the giving tree... classic
  • Tumble Bumble is one of our favorites
  • My 2 favorites are The Runaway Bunny and The Flying White HotDog. Both excellent stories and illustrations.
  • Oops, just looked at the second book and it's actually called Legend of the Flying Hotdog by Celeste White.
  • The Day Jimmy's Boa Ate the Wash, by Steven Kellog, The Frog and Toad stories. My fave!!
  • I Love You Stinky Face. It's about a parent's unconditional love. Adorable!!
  • The boy who ate America - my kids love it. I also love Robert Munsch books - you can find a lot of consequences in his stories if you look. There is also a series of books call Help Me Be Good but it tends to be a little negative - I try to discuss it with my kids in more positive terms as we read them.


H+B Jackson said...

Time for bed sleepyhead

I think it is out of print, but I have mine from when I was younger. A friend of mine found hers on ebay.

Love it! I have it memorized!

JM Inc. said...

I happen to have a child's book fetish (which I haven't tended to lately) and I have MANY beloved books I could share with you. Come and visit and I'll show you them all!

Amanda said...

Mmmmm so many! I really love the Power Tales series for kids. It shows them that greatness isn't born, but earned and created. Harder to find now, though. My mom-in-law has the whole series, thankfully.