Saturday, January 15, 2011

Accounting Class

Exciting title, don't you think?  I bet you are just so excited to read all about accounting class.  Well, you're here, so you might as well.

Nick's first two weeks of training have been an intense accounting class with one of the most respected, awarded, certified accounting professors in the country, CJ.
Isn't he a classic?  Here's what you need to know about the prof.  He plans his wardrobe a month in advance and organizes his closet accordingly.  His tie, "pocket square," suspenders, and lapel pin are unique each day.  He wears a necktie on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday and a bow tie on Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday.  For the last 15 years.  He wears his jacket until lunch, no jacket after lunch.  His socks are alphabetized by color in his drawer.  And the man recites movie lines like a Hollywood's Greatest Hits DVD.

Apparently he's pretty funny.  One night as we were just laying down to sleep, probably not to talk again until morning, I could feel the mattress shake with Nick's laughter.  And then again and again with some giggles.  When Nick tries to hold in laughter, it comes out as a giggled "tee-hee."  He was thinking about accounting class and one of the funniest men he has met, CJ.

This portion of the five-month training is pretty pivotal, so Nick has had the kids praying that he will do well.  Is this an indication?
To break up the monotony of what some might think is a monotonous subject, CJ interjects useless trivia and song lyrics into his lectures.  If you pick it out and correctly identify the reference, you get a tick mark.  Nick (top left) has the most tick marks for the fortnight and is the official trivia king of bankers.  I'm not sure this is what was meant, but I guess you get what you pray for.
Nick is the handsome one, front and center
The session wrapped up on Friday with an eight hour test.  Not cool.  Nick feels that he did well and I so appreciate his commitment to his work and our family.


Stephanie said...

Wow! That's awesome. Did Nick observe his clothing schedule, or is that part of the curriculum:)?

Elke said...

Curriculum. I guess he wants the students to understand him.

Our Ohana said...

Hilarious! He looks a little like Jay Leno in costume...