Friday, January 14, 2011

Sunday Naps

Rigby has been an excellent napper, but all good things must come to an end.  He has been spending a lot of the night laying awake in his bed, often keeping his bunk buddy, Bethelle, awake.  He's a good trooper even without a nap, so we don't often enforce them anymore.

But sometimes this happens.
Or this.
 Just before finding him as above, Nick realized that Rigby had been missing and quiet for a while.  Every parent knows this worry.  These moments generally mean trouble, and Rigby was potty training.  Nick jumped up to go catch Rigby in the act and almost tripped over the little guy in the hall.

If I knew how to segue into packing I would do that here.

The kids love to get in boxes.  They also love to watch videos of themselves in boxes.  And so the cycle continues.
I make small babies.


Trisha said...

That's funny. We always catch Rushy in whatever little box he can manage to stuff himself into. Just something about those boxes...!

Our Ohana said...

My kids have a thing for getting into boxes too! Sometimes it amazes me that they can squeeze into something so little.

I love the sleeping Rigby pictures! Precious!