Sunday, January 23, 2011

Just San Fran

Can you believe that I live here?  This was taken very near to our home.  I've always been such a country mouse!
 I love this little sign.  It says "Love Specialist Psychic."
 You've got to love a ward family.  The cars below are not driving.  That is a parking lot.  Those cars are parked.  And this is about ten minutes after church ended.  The lot is designed for about 20 cars.  I'd say almost 40 cars park there.  After church, you just wait until enough cars have moved for you to be able to get out.
 We try to park deep so that no one is waiting for us to gather kids, change diapers, put coats on, etc.  We'd rather wait for them to move.

So far, so good in California.  This city really has it all.  And I do mean all.  It keeps us on our toes.  Nick just got back from the police station where he went to identify a man he witnessed commit a crime. Ah, the city!

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Our Ohana said...

I'm loving your pictures! What an exciting time for you guys! I love the picture of you in the parking lot - totally looks like you walked out into the street and just stood there making traffic stop. You make traffic stop anywhere, hottie!
Keep enjoying your adventures!