Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Golden Gate Babies

I know I'm posting a lot lately, but when you live in a new place and every single thing you see is exciting, you really should document.  And so I do.  Even with all the posting I have been doing, I am several days behind.

We took the kids back to Golden Gate Park, but this time we saw the main playground and also spent time just walking and looking.  I loved it!  You could take a one week vacation just to that park without getting bored.  Someday, I would like to do just that.  There are playgrounds, museums, gardens, lakes, a music conservatory, a buffalo preserve, a carousel, memorials, frisbee golf, trails, and even the Pacific Ocean across the street!  I just read that it is 1000 acres, compared with Central Park's 800 acres.  We have much, much more to see.

At the playground, the climbing structure caught our eyes first.  I really wanted to scale it myself, but I stuck to baby watching, as usual.
 Rigby didn't feel like going too high.
 Curie is being spotted.
 Bethelle told the web who was boss.
 And, though not pictured, Nick managed to do his baby watching from the top of the ropes.
 We were there on MLK Jr. day, so the park was crowded.  I am anxious to see it on a Tuesday morning.  I seem to have twice the number of children other San Franians have (yes, I know that's one and a half kids for others), so I prefer the smaller crowd for safety reasons.  But the numbers did add a nice vibe to the air.
 It was a beautiful January day.  I hear it snowed back at home recently.  I could stand a few more Januaries like this.

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Our Ohana said...

Don't apologize for posting so much! It was the same way for us when we moved to Aus, and I love reading your updates!!!