Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Escape from Alcatraz!

Chrissy Field, Chrissy Field.  Another great San Francisco location.  It is a fantastic beach somewhere between the bay and the ocean, and just under the Golden Gate Bridge.

We spent a beautiful Saturday with Jeff, Allison, Vivian, and Eleanor, our friends from Nick's program.  It was January and we were on the beach in the sunshine.  I am still happy to be going home in May, but I can see how California can grow on a person.  Everything is just a few minutes from our apartment, including this:
 While there, a prisoner seemed to have emerged out of the ground (pictured below), presumably escaping from Alcatraz, just across the water.
She was relieved that her calculations were correct and her tunnel was just the right length.  She is cute, so we took her home with us.

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