Friday, January 14, 2011

Christmas Rewind

Christmas was a calm respite from the storm of moving.  Here is Curie in her Christmas best.  She won't sit like this anymore.
And this is the only picture I took of our evening of Christmas caroling.  Some friends invited us for dinner beforehand, then we set off and collected families as we went.  By the end, we had at least three times the original number of singers.  Don't we look ready to sing?
Between emptying the apartment and heading back to clean, we camped at Nick's parents' home for the holidays.  My attempt at holiday decorations at our home consisted of a few things purchased at the dollar store, some crafts that the kids made, and last year's seven dollar, thirty-six inch, pre-lit, hot pink Christmas tree.  I knew we'd be packed up before Christmas, so can you blame me?  It was refreshing to enter a real Christmas home on Christmas Eve.

Below are the cousins on Nick's side: our kids and Trisha's kids.  They were born in pairs.  Everyone has a built-in best friend.
And here are the cousins on my side.  Just use your imagination to turn Nick into a two year-old Nolan.  Sadly, Troy (my brother) and his family were sick with the flu and missed Christmas Eve!  Just their oldest was able to attend.
Nick is laughing because Curie sat on the couch playing with her toy for quite some time before she finished opening it.  Grandma gave her a very fun bug which has occupied her during some key hours of unpacking in Cali.
Rigby's gift of the night was this set of Buzz Lightyear pajamas, which he put on immediately and has rarely taken off since.  Watch out, or you will get shot with his laser!
Much to our delight, Santa got the memo that we were staying at Grandma's house this year.  Does Santa bring balloons to your house?  Oh, no?  Hmm...
This is not smiling for the camera.  This is the contentment of getting the one thing that you really wanted and thought you would not get.

Although we were away, Grandma's house sure has all the touches of home.
Santa always drinks milk and water with his cookies, and he leaves a letter for the kids.
The evening was spent at Nick's aunt Violet's home.  We had one of the best Christmas dinners that I can remember, and not just because of the food!  Violet has a darling granddaughter who is now old enough to be fun as a playmate, the entire group partied in the basement with us (we go there every time because it is much more child friendly), and one of Patsy's brothers was there whom I have rarely seen, as was cousin Joe.  Those two were the life of the party.  All in all, a great event.

Joe Santa made a surprise visit.  Curie was scared, as expected.  Rigby was a bit confused, but happy to take a present, and Bethelle had a superiority complex.  She saw right through the facade, but played along for her gift.
Although Christmas was not the physical rest that I had foreseen, it was still a welcome break from the chaos that was my life.  The next day brought the dry hands and boring scenery of cleaning a empty apartment.  Big cheers to the grandmas who helped with kids, Jill who cleaned with me well into the night (morning?), and Leslie who ran my last minute, otherwise neglected errands.

One more word about the move.  I will miss my little island and fellow islanders.  We will see what the future holds.  I wish, I wish, I wish...


Elise said...

That's funny. That was Grace's long desired Christmas gift too. Purple unicorn pillow pet. When I was her age, I insisted on a popple. Remember those?

Our Ohana said...

I had a popple! A yellow one. My sister totally stole it from me and I haven't seen it since. Thanks for reminding me I should still be mad at her, Elise :)

Glad you were able to have an awesome Christmas even with the move! You're so good at finding the good in every situation, that must have been such a hectic holiday! I'm sure your family were happy to enjoy so much time with you before you moved though.