Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Twin Peaks

Just a minute or two from Walter Haas (previous post) is Twin Peaks.  Apparently, this is a Blue Butterfly Preserve.  It is also the highest spot in the San Fran area and gives a great view of... well, everything.
 The vague red smudges in the middle of the above and below are the towers of the Golden Gate Bridge.
 And that's our new city.  The spindle sticking out of my head is Market Street and the four parallel pillars way behind Nick make up the Bay Bridge (which looks right out of Gotham City).  We live/work right in the middle of it all.  Not the middle of the bridge.  You know what I mean...
Nick just told me there was a homicide up there last week.  Funny, that's the second time that has been the case (at park we visited) this week.


Kyle said...

So you guys leave somewhere in between that bridge and the Market Street?

Our Ohana said...

What the?! Tell me you have some goo dlocks on your doors!