Sunday, January 30, 2011

Our Cousin the Astronaut

Nick has a couple of cousins who live less than an hour from us here in the bay area.  Gracie is twelve years old and is practically a full-time gymnast.  Yesterday, I took the kids to meet up with her and her dad at a gymnastics meet while Nick did homework.  Bethelle, my little dancer, practiced the moves as she watched the girls compete.  Rigby kept telling me that he was going to be an astronaut just like them when he grows up.

So here she is, Gracie the astronaut.  I'm no expert, but that looks like Olympics material to me.
Back in our part of town, we wandered looking for food inspiration, and found it at Sear's Fine Food.
Did I say that Mel's was good last week?  It was terrible compared to this!  Oooh, so good!  Their sign out front says that they specialize in "little pancakes," so that is just what the kids had for dinner.  The adults had more grown-up fare, but secretly we all kind of wanted the pancakes, too.

Bethelle insisted on topping it all off with ice cream.
The kids really took to Gracie.  Especially Curie, who tends to be a Momma's girl.  Come back soon!

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Garth said...

I am becoming very impressed at how much is there in San Francisco, even astronaut training. All the museums, the parks, the library, the restaurants, the ocean. Wow! I am so glad you are getting to see so much. Love, Mom J.