Wednesday, January 19, 2011

An Evening Out

More time with Daddy meant a stroll downtown and some food at Mel's Diner.  If this were a food critic blog, I would tell you that the atmosphere was family-perfect, the seating on a busy three day weekend was immediate, and the food came faster than it sometimes does at McDonald's.  And it was delicious.
 We had our own juke box, and the kids meals came in these covetable blue cars.  Sweet.
After dinner we ordered a big banana split to share.  The scoop of strawberry ice cream was flanked by banana, smashed by chocolate and vanilla ice cream, then buried under whip cream, nuts, and cherries.  Rigby was the first to uncover it.  He got excited and squealed, "Oooh!  I found a smoothie inside!"

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Our Ohana said...

Olivia's now begging to go to that restaurant!