Sunday, April 14, 2013

Gettin' It Done

If you don't consider making and birthing a baby a "project," then we really haven't done very many around this house since we moved into it.  Things are picking up speed, though, and here are a few that we have been working on:

First, the counter over the laundry machines.
This may not excite my male readers (if I have any), but you ladies know what I mean when I say how great this is.  The square footage of that room is about twice the area that those machines take up.  This little beauty seems to double size and function of the room.  A biiiiiiiiiiiiig thanks to Nick's dad for heading up the whole project.  It sure is nice to marry into a handy family.

Speaking of handy dads, mine can hold his own in that department.  I asked him for a few pointers on the engineering of a large storage shelf for my garage.  That turned into a visit from both parents (and their truck) that lasted long enough to build this baby:

Yeah, it's pretty sweet.

While the men were building, I went in to take some pictures and video and just happened to catch this little gem (the first 30 seconds are pretty funny if you listen closely):
For today's third and final project, Nick and the kids and I put together some ikea shelves/cabinet/boxes as a floating entertainment cabinet.  We moved around some outlets and drilled some new holes for wires.  All the electrical stuff was handily hidden in the space behind the wall, as that is an unfinished but accessible area under the stairs.  The kids had a lot of fun climbing around in there with headlamps and screwdrivers.
Pierce was pretty confused by the process.  First he was intrigued by the new hole in the wall...
... and then Rigby's hand came out to pat him on the head!
I don't have the after picture yet.  Maybe because it is only 97% complete, but getting all this work done is like sugar in my blood.  Love it!

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