Sunday, April 14, 2013

Postworthy: The American Girl Store

I put off introducing American Girl dolls to my family for a couple reasons.  As it turns out, I'm just old enough to be the youngest person who almost never heard of them as a kid (get it?), so I didn't already have a love-attachement to them in my own heart.  Secondly, it's just an expensive doll, right?

Well, I've grown up a little on this subject.  Yes, they are pricy dolls, but try walking down a doll aisle at Target.  Other than the infant dolls, the rest of them are disturbed and disturbing.  It is pretty difficult to find a doll with a realistic waist who has any modesty and is not a vampire.  C'mon!  American Girl dolls are young, realistic, and beautiful and each one is from a particular period in American history and has her own interesting story.  As a lover of historical novels, this feels homey to me.  The whole brand, while definitely expensive, teaches history as well as moving lessons about friendship, behavior, growing up, etc.  And I don't mean the surface, silly lessons like those taught in preschool TV shows.


My niece, Joee, turned seven in January and had a little party at the American Girl store.  I had heard the tales of what a magical experience the store is, but Bethelle and I had never been, and Bethelle had just gotten a Caroline doll for Christmas.  To make matters even more important, we had recently learned that Joee and her family would soon be moving to Arizona, so this was to be possibly the last birthday celebrated together.

We first ate in their little restaurant.  They have little chairs and tableware for your dolls so that they can eat with you.
 There is no "kid menu" so I was chuckled at a bit when I ordered grilled cheese and tomato soup, a seemingly "kid" choice, but I find it to be perfectly "adult."  And isn't it pretty?  Don't you want some?
 The store is large and wonderful, but we seemed to spend most our time at the doll hair salon.  Joee had her doll pampered with an up-do.
 Bethelle's Caroline just got her hair brushed and a little bow added.

 Happy birthday, Joee, and thanks for the fun idea.  Let's go again sometime!

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