Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Halloween 2012

I'm almost through blogging October.  Almost.

Here is the planning phase for the pumpkin carving.  You may notice that Curie is not in these pictures. I believe it had to do with disobedience and an early bedtime.
 But these two sure enjoyed themselves.
 They did all the planning and figuring, but I worked the knife.  They were the brains; I was the braun.  And they wanted to know why I wasn't carving a pumpkin.  That would be because I was carving THREE pumpkins.
 Not too shabby.  Bethelle's is on the left.  I think it looks a bit like Dora the Explorer, but with fangs.  Rigby's classic pumpkin is in the middle.
 And Curie's is on the right.  She and I carved it the next morning.  She wanted a tea pot.
And then there was the big night!  We love our neighborhood.  What a fun, safe, friendly place to Trick or Treat.
But Halloween would be just a bucket full of candy without the costumes!  Not that a bucket full of candy would be a problem for any of these guys.

Curie played the part of the beautiful and witty Rapunzel, perfect for this little miss who is really coming into her own.
 Rigby was the brave and stealthy ninja!
 Pierce was, of course, a bucket of popcorn.  Don't be fooled by Nick's hands, the whole thing was connected to a baby carrier, so he was technically a floating bag of popcorn.  Spooky.
 The rock star...  I was proud of her for breaking out of the prepackaged costume mold, and putting this together from things she had a a few clearance items.

 Nothing makes the eyes glow like a big pile of candy.

Happy Halloween!  Five months later!

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