Sunday, April 7, 2013

Let the Festivities Begin!

Christmas itself happens in three pieces around here.  We generally celebrate Christmas Eve with my parents and siblings, Christmas morning at home as a family, and Christmas evening with Nick's parents and family.  This year we had to schedule Nick's family celebration a few days early to keep everyone together, and no one was yet in the mood for cooking the big Christmas dinner, so here is our solution:
Nick's family has had Chinese on Christmas Eve-eve for many years.  This time, it was featured at the main event.  I highly suggest it; no stress and no mess.

I didn't take many pics of the party, just video, so you'll have to make due with just this one of Piercy, waiting for his dinner, hoping that it is not egg foo young.  He prefers squash and peaches.
Next up was Christmas Eve at my parents' home.  They have recently moved into their new place, just a mile from the home that we all grew up in where they lived for 30 years.  Christmas was only the second time we had all gathered in the new house together.  Dinner was fabulous and the kids put on a rendition of the nativity story.  Somehow, I was in charge.  I should point out that there were thirteen children involved, ages eight and under.  With emphasis on the word "under."  One of my nephews, Gabriel, did not want to be a shepard in the play.  He wanted to be Batman.  So, our play was missing a shepard and included Batman.  That's just how the ball rolls sometimes.  The production was a bit more comedic than intended, but in the end, baby Jesus was born, and I guess that's what really matters.

Again, I was short on the pictures, but here is the stable backdrop that the kids made the weekend before.
And finally... the day we'd all been waiting for.  The day that kids lose sleep over.  The day that they dream of all year.  The day that has only one bad part: at some point, it ends.  Christmas morning.  Sometime after Santa came, I snuck out of my room to catch a couple pictures before the kids woke up.

 I'd say the day was everything that it was supposed to be.
 Nick loves everything Huskies, but did not have a jersey.
 He immediately put it on (on top of his Huskies t-shirt he was already wearing), along with his new shorts, and began practicing his jump shot.  It's funny how every shot with an imaginary ball ends in a swoosh.

 Pierce is being raised in the ways of a Husky.  Santa seemed to know he needed a teddy bear to match the new pajamas that Grandma Patsy had gotten him.
 Some of the best presents come in small packages.  Some of the best people, too.

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