Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Great Wheel

Nick took a few days off from work after Christmas.  I was really looking forward to the quality family time and a chance to clean up and catch up after the chaos of Christmas.  As it turned out, we had one good day before I got crazy-sick, followed by everyone else getting sick.  Oh well, it was a nice dream.  And the one nice day was beautiful.

We started with a lunch in downtown Seattle at The Cheesecake Factory.  Mmmm.  I'm sure you know just what I'm talking about.  I love me some herbed salmon and any kind of dessert there.

 The big event for the day was the Great Wheel.  This is a fairly new ferris wheel on the water off of one of Seattle's piers.  The kids were pretty pumped about the idea, but we still worked hard to keep the positive thoughts going.  I know grown men who won't get on the thing.

 The kids nearly broke their necks that day.  By falling off?  No, no, no...  We had a long wait before we could get on, and this is pretty much how they spent that time:

Curie stared in awe and traced the motion with her finger.

It really was pretty awesome to watch.  Each of those cars are the size of an elevator carriage, so maybe you can imagine how tall it felt.
The setting is perfectly Seattle and the ride hangs out over the water.
 Piercy was nice and patient.  Do yourself a favor and click on this picture to make it big.  Then sit back and take in those eyes.
Curie got a little nervous and clingy just as we entered our cell, but she worked though it and we all enjoyed our three trips around the wheel.  The people on the ground sure looked like tiny ants from up top.

 Ahhh, December.  Who says we don't have blue skies in Seattle?  Those clouds look blue to me!  And pretty.
Our Great Wheel verdict: do it!

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