Friday, April 29, 2011

Coit Tower

Coit Tower is a stand-out landmark on top of Telegraph Hill (there are a lot of hills around here) in San Francisco.  It was built at the direction of a rich little lady a hundred years ago to honor her father, a firefighter.  Some think it resembles a fire hose.  The views from here are crazy.  You can see the whole city and then some.
Nick and I left the kids at his aunt's house and came here as just a duet.  As we looked out each window, we realized just how well we have come to know our host city.  Every neighborhood and landmark is visible and means something special to us.  The buildings we saw were not just masses, but characters in our recent life history.  I knew the streets and the personalities.  I have an idea of where to go and where to avoid.  I have my favorites and my not-so's.
The inside is an open-topped, empty shell.  When the tower was new, elaborate (small) parties were hosted here, or so I was told.  That.  Sounds.  Fun.

The lower windows we covered in plexiglass on one side, while the higher ones are just open air.  It seems a resistless challenge to get some coins through the small opening and onto the ledge.  Every window looked like this.
Here's your private tour of the whole city:
I must mention that before going to Coit Tower, I had the best breakfast of my life.  I may have waited in line for almost an hour to get it, but the company was pleasant and the food was amazing.  I almost typed "to die for," but I know that would make my mother recoil.  Between the two of us, we ordered three plates, a side of bacon, and a pastry in a take-home box.  With every new bite, we just looked up and each other and half-laughed in amazement.  I had the french toaster sampler.  It has banana bread, cran-orange bread, and chocolate cinnamon bread dipped in egg and fried.  Outstanding.  I will be spending the rest of my life perfecting these recipes.  C'mon over for breakfast in about 40 years.  It will be awesome.  In the meantime, plan a trip to San Francisco and go to Mama's for breakfast.  You can walk up the 200 plus steps to nearby Coit Tower to work it off.

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