Friday, April 1, 2011

The Sun Came Out

And so did we.

I have realized recently that I do not blog as often when it rains.  This is because we don't go looking for fun as often in the rain.  And I will be moving back to the pacific northwest in two months.  I will have to get to the bottom of this problem...

Another day.

For now, the weather is fine!  We jumped from weeks of downpour to a record-matching heatwave.  I'll take it.

Tuesday, we met up with friends at the Academy of Sciences.  We had been there before, but not only was it fabulous, it has now been re-worked for spring.
Look at the baby chicks!
These chicks were each just a day or two old.  Their abandoned shells were still in the little chick-room next to this one.  Some of their fluff was still matted down from the journey.  Curie generally gets very excited about "birdies" and "quack-quacks."  She went absolutely nuts about these guys.

We didn't make it to the playroom last time, so getting there was a treat.  If I lived here permanently in a tiny apartment, I would get a membership here just for the room to breathe and stretch and play.

In the hot, sweaty rainforest (seriously, I can't stay in this magical bubble too long), I caught Bethelle standing like this for a long time (in kindergarten years), not moving a muscle.  She was trying to coax a butterfly to land on her.
 Ultimately, it was out friend, Mattingly, who looked the most like nectar to this insect.
Don't these zebras look real?  They are.  And they're stuffed.  Rigby finds taxidermy fascinating.  By the way, zebras are not black and white.  They are definitely brown and white.

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