Friday, April 1, 2011


Bethelle's birthday lasted a long time.  The actual date was Friday, the party was Saturday, and on Sunday, the kids at church sang to her, followed by a visit from Jen, her baby-sitter, with presents!

Jen brought a bead set for Bethelle, the crafter, and even a little gift for Rigby.  The little guy went crazy when he opened the little Buzz Lightyear toy pictured below.  He had just finished telling Jen that Bethelle had gotten a Toy Story Action Set for her birthday, which came with the little Woody toy he is holding but that there was no Buzz, and that's OK.  Maybe we can get him later.  Now imagine Rigby's big eyes and huge mouth when he opened the perfect little Buzz to go with the set.
 Since Buzz's arrival in the family, Rigby has rarely put him down.

I gave Bethelle her first chapter book for her birthday.  She fell asleep reading it the next night.  In all, she completed all 134 pages in 48 hours!  I guess I know what I need to be buying.
One more night of the birthday tonight.  We gave her the new Disney movie, Tangled, for her birthday, but it just arrived in the mail today, due to the release date.  We haven't seen it yet, so we're all pretty excited to watch it with Daddy tonight.


Blair said...

So awesome! Wasn't Tangled AMAZING!? Love that movie!

Elise said...

Ooh! Judy Moody! What a great idea. I have been giving Grace Junie B. Jones. She devours those in hours. Judy Moody looks like it may be better. Thanks for the idea!

Our Ohana said...

So sweet! I still remember when Savanna started reading chapter books - such a special, grown-up moment!