Tuesday, April 12, 2011

SF Zoo

Another checklist item complete!  You can't very well visit a big city with kids for five months and skip the zoo.

Bethelle seemed intent on mimicry.
There is a lion or two way, way back in this picture.  And one up front, apparently.
This one is self explanatory.
Rigby enjoyed the rhino, and was moved by the removal of its horn.  Really, that must be humiliating for a rhinoceros.  Like cutting off your one true beauty (10 points for catching the reference here).
Half way around the zoo, Rigby announced that he had found the thief of the rhino's horn: the giant eland.  Apparently that guy has one more horn than Rigby thinks he needs.

Curie's biggest reactions were to the grizzly bears and the goats in the petting zoo (to clarify, the grizzlies were not in the petting zoo).  The grizzlies put on quite a show, right in front of us.  At times, they were only inches away on the other side of the glass.  We enjoyed it, but when walking away I began thinking how crazy it was to be safely within inches of a grizzly.  And to have my children in that position.
My camera battery died after this picture, so I didn't get one of her out of the stroller with the goats, but Curie LOVED them.  I think she wants to get one.  She was quite brave and affectionate with them.
The zoo has this great train around a small track in the park.  It is miniature, but actually runs on steam!  It was built in 1925 and still runs.
And here we are on the train, though it's hard to tell.


Jenn J said...

Little women!!! 10 pts?

Our Ohana said...

Little Women! Aw, I'm second.... 5 points?